An open letter against abortion in Northern Ireland

Thursday, 26th September, 2019

To whom it may concern:

We the undersigned wish to make known our opposition to the imminent introduction of abortion in Northern Ireland. We are a group of 911 Doctors, Nurses, Midwives and other Health and Social Care Workers who are deeply concerned about these changes and wish to have our concern noted publicly. Our concern throughout is for pregnant mothers and their unborn children. We wish to protest and speak out for the following reasons, as our consciences demand that we not be silent:

1. It is well recognised and accepted scientifically that fertilisation of an egg brings about a new human life. This individual bears a new and permanent genetic code throughout their life, until his or her death. It is strongly held throughout the Western world that this human life is valuable and precious from conception, through birth, life and unto death, independent of that person’s health, ability, race, sex or religious beliefs. This has also been the opinion of the majority of the health professions for as long as these professions have been recognised, until very recently, and remains the strongly held opinion of many of us at the present time. It is this position which enables us to excel in our work, and to treat our patients with true compassion, alleviating suffering and working for health from the earliest moment that life is recognised, until the final moment when it fails. The concept of taking a human life at any stage is inimical to us, and the concept of taking a human life in the womb especially so.

2. We believe that the best possible form of care for pregnant mothers and their unborn children is compassion and provision, best supplied within the supportive network of a family and a community, with the minimal medical input necessary to monitor and reassure. When things go wrong, we support the provision of timely and professional care. We would appeal to our politicians to actively promote strong families and strong communities, and to enact policies which would provide stable homes in which to raise children; we also appeal for adequate funding for community and hospital-based obstetrics services. The evidence throughout the UK over the past decades has been that societal reasons are by far the leading cause of abortion – using medical means to deal with societal problems does not work, has been shown not to work by the huge increase in abortions, and should not be used. We accept that, in a vanishingly small group of patients, abortion may be needed to save the life of the mother – legislation already exists to this end, and the infrequency of its use speaks for itself. Abortion, on the whole, is an unnecessary medical act, performed on someone who is not sick, for the questionable benefits for a third person, to the detriment of the broader human society.

3. As Christians we believe that the 6th Commandment is binding upon all of humanity – “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13). It is the firmly held belief of many Christians in Northern Ireland that abortion is the unjust taking of human life – a violent act performed against creatures who are made in God’s image, in which He delights, and which therefore must be resisted by all lawful means.

4. Abortion is an instrument of oppression aimed at the weakest and least represented members of the community. Firstly, the child in the womb has no voice and no choice. By however means they have been conceived, the very fact that they are alive should be enough to recognise their presence and their value. They have no say in their care and need vocal advocates to speak up for them. Today, we are advocating for their precious lives. Secondly, the burden of abortion falls heavily on the poor, the underprivileged and on females. Instead of supporting and nurturing all people in spite of their social class and bank balance, our Government makes it easier for them to abort their unborn children. Instead of recognising children as being a blessing, male and female, sex selective abortion (officially or unofficially) undermines the value of women and female children in our society.

5. Healthcare in Northern Ireland is in a parlous state, due to chronic underfunding, understaffing, and the lack of a sitting Government. Imposing abortion on our healthcare system risks destabilising our GP service, many of whom are contemplating retiring. It risks demoralising our nursing service and radically altering the dynamic of our midwifery service. It risks burdening our hospitals with unnecessary procedures, extra complications, divisions within departments and lengthening of waiting lists – all of which will likely have a negative effect on the population of Northern Ireland who rely on healthcare services for medical problems. Requiring the NHS in Northern Ireland to fund multiple medically unnecessary procedures will cause a significant drain on an already overstretched budget.

6. For the UK government to impose de facto abortion on Northern Ireland without the express will of the populace as worked out through democratically elected representatives is to disrespect our country and to ride roughshod over the Governmental position that “abortion is a devolved matter”. The Governments of the various parts of the United Kingdom have already undermined the Northern Ireland position on abortion by actively courting our patients through the free and easy access to their own abortion services. In no other aspect of health care is such behaviour necessary, underlining the fact that this is an ideologically driven decision, not based on healthcare needs. In addition, we are dismayed at the failure of our locally elected representatives to form a functioning Government, and we wish to hold them to account for that failure, and would appeal for all parties to return to Stormont as a matter of urgency.

7. Much has been said about abortion in cases of fatal foetal abnormality. While we do not want to minimise the pain and concern of mothers and fathers who find themselves in this awful position, we would raise a number of significant concerns. Firstly, diagnosis of illness within the womb is fraught with difficulty, as highlighted by the recent case in the Republic of Ireland in which a baby was aborted at the National Maternity Hospital because of a prenatal diagnosis of the chromosomal disorder Edwards Syndrome – the child was subsequently found out to be genetically normal, much to the dismay of the child’s parents. Secondly, we believe that in many cases it is more humane for the child to be delivered, even though they may live for only a few short hours or days; medical predictions of lifespan have sometimes been grossly underestimated in these cases. This short time with their child may well allow a family a few precious hours to hold their child, and will then allow them to properly grieve for the tragic loss of their baby. This highlights the need for compassionate perinatal hospice facilities in our country. We recognise that there is also valid difference of opinion amongst medical professionals in the most profound cases of foetal abnormality. Thirdly, the evidence from nations where abortion is allowed for foetal abnormality is that prenatal diagnosis is increasingly used to actively screen out minor and correctable abnormalities such as cleft palate and non-fatal conditions such as Downs Syndrome. This is discrimination of the most abhorrent form against those of us with disabilities, who often have the potential to live full and joyful lives, bringing blessing to those around them and enriching the lives of those inside and outside of their family. Our concern is that legislation made for compassionate reasons is leveraged for ideological reasons, with the resulting ‘mission creep’ witnessed in a nation like Iceland, where nearly all children with Downs syndrome have been aborted – we believe a nation is poorer because of this.

8. As Christian healthcare workers, we have deep compassion for women who have had abortions in the past, and we recognise some of the circumstances and pressures that they may have faced which led them to this course of action. We recognise also that healthcare workers are culpable in these acts, and bear responsibility for advice and actions surrounding abortions. We would appeal to our colleagues in the health care system in Northern Ireland to join with us in speaking out against abortion in our country, and beyond. We desire that those women who have been left with psychological wounds as a result of abortion would be able to access psychological therapies for healing, and we, as fellow sinners, would point them to Jesus Christ, the Great Physician – “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9).

The prevailing belief among Christian healthcare workers is that this legislation is harmful – harmful to the women it claims to empower; harmful to the workers whose right to conscientious objection is denied; and, most of all, fatal to the infant children who will be the silent victims of the most liberal abortion laws in Western Europe.

We appeal to the UK Government not to impose this unwanted legislation. We appeal to our elected representatives to re-establish a functional Northern Ireland Government so that democratic process be restored. We appeal to the wider society to consider and reflect on the humanity and value of every life, from conception to death, that the weakest and most vulnerable would be protected and cherished by all.


Andrew Cupples

Nicola Clark

Mark Thompson

Andrea Thompson

Rosie Steele

Jenny McCollum

Marion Ritchie

Christian Palmer

Lynette Ferguson

Lindsay Logan

Louise Sands

Craig Wylie

Sarah Wylie

Judith Bingham

Amy Morrison

Michael Alcorn

Laura McAuley

John Glenn

Aileen Kelly

Donna Steele

Margaret Pickles

Ross Martin

Andrew Gerard

Abigail Nelson

Beulah McCavery

Anne Kane

Sharon Kelso

Ashleigh Martin

Aoife Carlin

Kathryn Martin

Valerie Neish

Margaret Chambers

Peter Topping

Patricia Topping

Werner McIlwaine

Lloyd Patterson

Lisa Hegarty

Claire Simms

Gail Young

Sarah Gourley

Thomas Dowling

Maureen O’Neill

Stephen Russell

Rachel Gamble

Louise Morrison

Alice Quinn

Stephen Critchlow

Paul Miller

Aiden McMenamin

Anita Lambert

Kathy Cullen

Jonathon McKelvey

James Lamont

Paul Molloy

Richard Thompson

Sinead Molloy

Ashleigh Hewitt

Gar-Ling Diong

Paul Coulter

Becky Wilson

Lydia Sloan

Hannah McCullough

Emma Kelso

Michelle McCollum

Martina Molloy

Faith Patterson

Alison Shields

Sarah Lowry

Sarah Perry

Suzanne Connolly

Stephen Karayiannis

Esther Leonard

Lesley-Ann Funston

Jenna McGuinness

Sarah McKay

John McKelvey

Danielle Udaiyar

Heather Morrison

Sarah Harris

Aaron Wallace

Andrew Walls

Helen Groves

Alice Brown

Micheál Ó Gallchóir

Seán McNicholl

Janet McIlwaine

Jonny Rocks

Julieann Currie

Leah Boyle

Andrea Johnston

Sarah Martin

Yvonne Black

Jessica Tait

Kate Brown

Ashleigh Hamilton

Danielle Robinson

Richard McKelvey

Paul Martin

Jenny Clarke

Maureen Stevenson

Nicola Shaw

Stephen Collins

Andrew McKelvey

Barbara Ferguson

Clare McTernaghan

Lynsey Cunningham

Mark Henderson

Rebecca Kerr

Chuer Zhang

John Neilly

Anna Laird

Allison Menary

Richard McClean

Andrea Green

David McClean

Sharon Doré

Rachel Curran

Susan Baird

Rachel Ramsey

Simon Have

Mark Russell

Hannah Chapman

Luke Chapman

Jane McDowell

Adeline Jobb

Seana Madden

Shane Caldwell

Braam Ackermann

Seana Madden

Liz McAlea

Deborah Thompson

Anna Betts

Caoimhe Murray

Rachel Kelso

Laura McMaster

Jenna Turner

Lyndsey Thompson

Emma McNeill

Jayne McCollum

Dale Clements

Andrew Currie

Deborah Currie

Mary Montgomery

Lynda Bell

Stewart Knox

Andrew Parke

Rachel Brockbank

Gillian Loughridge

Osmond Mulligan

Kirsty Kapande

Elaine Robinson

Rachel Brown

Sarah Lyons

Arlene McKay

Trina McCull

Elaine McNicholl

James Irvine

Lorna Curry

Jenny Love

Catherine Hobson

Laura McKean

Hannah McClarty

Sarah McCartney

Amiina Brint

Kerry Patterson

Sharon McCaul

Lynsey Wilkinson

Amy Sharkey

Hugh Gallagher

Peter Barefoot

Anna Sturgeon

Ruth Loane

Nicola Speers

Kerry Brennan

Stephanie Johnston

Femy Marmeto

Judith Smyth

Joanne James

Carol Morrison

Jean Hutchinson

Aileen O’Donnell

Joy Bennett

Donna Sterritt

Kathryn Ferguson

Valerie Crothers McFarland

Jean McGinley

Janet McIlfatrick

Alison Harris

Orla Laverty

Arlene Keiran

Claire Williamson

Alison Campbell

Jennifer Wilson

Jenna Johnston

Amanda Watterson

Hannah Craig

Gerard McCaughey

Ian Dunwoody

Lynsey Hinds

Grace McClune

Marie Mullan

Ita Renaghan

Nikaela Simpson

Arlene McKay

Alistair Fulton

Alison Graham

Joel McCavery

Dolores Logue

Joan Cummings

Sarah Brady

Dianne Lennox

Sharon Bell

Catherine McClure

Jane Glass

Ruth Huey

Debbie Marshall

Mary Wang

Julie Girvan

Judith Pike

Denise Beatrice

Michael Goggin

Suzi Hazelton

Donna Meenagh

Esther Irwin

Vanessa McMinn

Gail Cameron

Suzi Ritchie

Rebecca Cordner

Sarah Moffatt

Trudy Wallace

Hazel Watton

Alistair Creelman

Naomi Armstrong

Audrey Johnston

Sandra Green

Orlaith Scullion

Linda McClintock

Laura Dundee

Debbie Montgomery

Angela Wilson

Mary McCloskey

Suzanne Gardiner

Gemma McElnay

Raymond Ringland

Rachel Johnston

Judith White

Evan Sharkey

Edward Wylie

Emma Spence

Ruth Jenkins

Thomas Dowling

Karen Thompson

Gemma White

Benjamin Steele

Julie Buckley

Gail Pickering

Gillian Abraham

Grace Elliott

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Lauren Jones

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Margaret McEvoy

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Cathy Hobson

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Helen Douglas

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Ali McClure

Katherine Aiken

Hannah Porter

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We are speaking out for those who have no voice.

26 thoughts on “An open letter against abortion in Northern Ireland

    1. I would like my name added to this letter. I’m currently working as a cancer nurse in the Belfast Trust.
      When I was a student nurse in the early 1990’s a young mum came in who had miscarried in the back of the ambulance. The baby girl had only been in the womb for 10 weeks but she was perfectly formed. She even had finger nails. I’ve never forgotten how it felt to see her.


  1. I am a retired nurse so would not personally have to be involved in an abortion. I do however feel that this will have an awful effect on those working in our health service. I would like to add my name to this petition.


  2. I am disgusted at the lack of thought for the most vulnerable in our society, our unborn children! Parts of Our society has become headstrong & militant in their pursuit to exterminate unborn babies, and its right that we stand for those who cannot speak.


  3. I agree with this letter , Human life starts at the time of conception . I add my support to this letter, and as a healthcare professional believe this act is against the very reason I went to this field … to preserve life.


  4. Absolutely agree
    Abortion is murder – nothing less
    I would give all help to women who have gone through it.

    Please add my name to the petition against abortion in Northern Ireland.
    I pray this law does not come to pass.
    What are they thinking ?
    Why would a women actively want her child to be killed ?

    James Gary Laverty


  5. Please add my name to this open letter! I am a nurse working in the NHS. The proposed changes to our law are totally unacceptable and the fact that the citizens of this country have not been consulted demonstrates the degree of contempt in which we are held by MP’s in London. The fact that there is no concrete guarantee at present that conscientious objectors will be protected by law and/or their governing bodies is also very concerning. We must do everything in our power to demonstrate how steadfastly we oppose these changes.


  6. These little children were not given a choice… Please add my name to this petition. If this was a child outside the womb it would be murder in the eyes of the law. Please stop the murder of these innocent little lives.


  7. Little unborn babies deserve better, They don’t have a voice, we need to speak up for them, both mummy’s and babies should be looked after equally!!


  8. I don’t want to dilute the efficacy of this letter, but I want to sign and technically I am employed by Health & Social Care. I am just a Legal Assistant in DLS, who represent the Trusts in legal matters.
    Tina Thomas
    God bless you for this!


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